Best Adidas Basketball shoes 2022 – Reviews And Buying Guide

Top Ten Adidas Basketball shoes 2022

Adidas is a German-based multinational company that never lets its customers be disappointed with sports goods. Nike and Best Adidas Basketball shoes always remained the most wanted manufacturers for sportswear. Best Adidas shoes have got their place well settled in the world. We gathered all information from experts to give you top adidas basketball shoes list of best basketball shoes out in addidas basketball shoe.

With a wide variety of items in sportswear, the brand Adidas basketball shoes 2022 has a number of shoes designed especially for basketball players which are considered as best adidas shoes of all time. Here is a list of the top 10 Adidas shoe including basketball shoes with good grip suitable for basketball players including Adidas low basketball shoes. Here is all Adidas basketball shoes list. A tip for basketball lovers that make sure that you know the size of your own feet before buying basketball shoes. Most of the time when you want to buy new adidas basketball shoes then go for half size up basketball shoes mostly in online shopping or when it says that basketball shoes run large then go for it and it will not hurt to buy half size up basketball shoes.

Top Ten Adidas Basketball shoes 2022

Best Adidas Basketball Shoes 2022 Comparison Table

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2
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Adidas Dame 7 Adidas Dame 7
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Adidas OwnTheGame Adidas OwnTheGame
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Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Adidas Harden Vol. 4
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Adidas N3XT L3V3L 2020 Adidas N3XT L3V3L 2020
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D Rose 10 Mcdonald’s Shoe D Rose 10 Mcdonald’s Shoe
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Adidas Pro Model 2G Adidas Pro Model 2G
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Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe
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Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes
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Adidas Pro Next 2019 Adidas Pro Next 2019
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1. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #2

Adidas Donovan Mitchell D.O.N. issue #2 shoe is considered as one of the best in-budget basketball shoes and considered as best Adidas basketball sneakers. These are recommended basketball shoes from top experts.

Who is Donovan Mitchell?

 The product Adidas sneakers basketball is the second signature product of the famous American basketball player Donovan Mitchell. The apparent look of this shoe is attractive and most used in its basic parrot-green color. This product Adidas hoop shoes 2022 basketball shoes consists of mesh in high wear areas though, get thicker.

Why Adidas D.O.N. issue #2?

The spiderman hints can be seen all over the shoe and it definitely gets eye-catching. Adidas D.O.N. issue #2 is comfortable Adidas low top basketball shoes and go with any kind of movement during a Basketball game. Classic Adidas basketball shoes allow the freedom of the foot inside. nicest adidas shoes have special cushioning for a full bounce which was not present in the first version of this basketball Adidas shoes.

Why not Adidas D.O.N. issue #2?

The adidas outdoor basketball shoes is not lightweight enough as claimed and might get little fatigue caused when worn for long. The thick mesh coating causes a little discomfort for the players as it gets bulky with a notable layer inside. Also, the users had complaints about the foot sliding out of position during the run due to the traction issue. The second version is not different or upgraded than the first one, hence giving no significant changes.

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2. Adidas Dame 7

Adidas Dame 7 is the signature shoe of American basketball player Damian Lillard who has a number of medals with his name. Hence, this shoe comes among one of the best adidas basketball player shoes.

Who is Damian Lillard?

Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr. mainly plays for the Portland Trail Blazers of the NBA. With a remarkable career in basketball, Lillard has received a number of awards including;

  • NBA All-Star (2014, 2015, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • All NBA First Team (2018)
  • NBA Bubble Most Valuable Player (2020)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2013)
  • (2013) NBA All-Rookie First Team
  • NBA Rising Star (2012, 2013)
  • BA Skills Challenge champion (2013, 2014)
  • All-Star Weekend (2014: Rising Stars Challenge: Dunk Contest, Skills Challenge winner, All-Star Game, 3-point Contest,)

Some basics about Dame 7

The woven textiles giving mesh on the upper surface aim for immeasurable ventilation for the foot.  The shoe cushioning inside gives a comfortable run during the game.

Adidas focused on the stability of this product very keenly and therefore gave soft touches to feet preventing foot sores. For extra lacing and an attractive look, nylon like material is used. The shoe sole gives the required stability and firmness.

Why Adidas Dame 7?

This product is considered as a good fitting shoe for basketball players with size up to expectation. The shoe is highly supportive and keeps the foot intact with a proper flow of air in and out. The shoe has a bounce-back cushioning mechanism hence, allowing energy to be saved.

Why not Adidas Dame 7?

However, few users complained about the traction issue of the issue which caused their foot slipping from the position. As it is recently introduced in the market, therefore, no proper reviews could be taken from the users. It is recently introduced in October 2020 in the market.

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3. Adidas OwnTheGame

Adidas Shoes in the budget under $70 basketball shoes considered as Adidas cheap basketball shoes. Basketball performance can depend on a mid-cut shoe pair by Adidas labeled as ‘Adidas OwnTheGame’. The main clutch move during a game is done perfectly with Superior Cloudfoam cushioning on the footbed which keeps the player energized for a longer time. The regular fit with lace closure has the special Adiwear outsole. Along with a mesh upper, a leather covering can also be observed on the outer layer. The midsole is also cushioned with Superior Cloudfoam.

Why Adidas OwnTheGame?

It has a dotted layer little part on the upper side of the shoe to make it breathable. Also, the mid-cut structure makes it locked up for the shoe.

Why not Adidas OwnTheGame?

However, the breathability is lower for runners which can make the foot sweaty and slippery. The mid-cut structure can cause foot fatigue or tiredness till the end of the game.

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4. Adidas Harden Vol. 4

Adidas Volume 4 can be considered for a good Basketball game. The light weighted shoe makes it easy for the player to run at a remarkable speed with the required traction.

Who is James Harden?

This Adidas indoor basketball shoe has been designed to observe the game moves of American basketball player James Harden. He is also known as the best shooting guard of the National Basketball Association. He also has been known as the most prolific score earner for NBA. Among the awards received by him are;

  • NBA Most Valuable Player Award (2018)
  • PAC-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player (2009)
  • NBA Assists Leader (2017)
  • Man of the Year Award NBA Sixth (2012)
  • NBA All-Rookie Team (2010)
  • Voice Award for MVP NBA Players’

Why Adidas Harden Volume 4?

These Adidas basketball team shoes are designed to keep the basketball player energized and strong in the last quarter of the game. One thing that is unique about this product is that its lacing system is different as compared to other shoes. It gives a lock-down feel with the fitting improvement in the shoe for the dynamic stability of the player. It has a rubber outsole and textile lining.

Why not Adidas Harden Volume 4?

The only thing felt confused about these Adidas high cut basketball shoes is that it no longer use boost cushioning but Lightstrike cushioning somehow compensates the feature.

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5. Adidas N3XT L3V3L 2020

A part of Adidas Pride Collection, N3XT L3V3L 2020 is really a next-level design with attractive colors. The rubber sole of this special product allows controlling you to run and grip on the floor during the game. These shoes are also used for basketball shoe grip improvement. This adidas shoes basketball shoes has a slip-on construction with Primeknit textile upper part of the shoe. It also has Lightstrike cushioning along with Boost technology.

Why Adidas N3xt L3v3l 2020?

These Adidas performance basketball shoes have a comfortable laceless upper which makes them worn like a sock. Due to the dual cushioning method used in N3xt L3v3l 2020, a dynamic speed and flow can be observed wearing the product. Also, this Adidas shoes basketball does not entangle with the lace issues.

Why not Adidas N3xt L3v3l 2020?

On the other hand, these basketball shoes adidas is very hard to wear Adidas Next Level 2020 basketball shoe for the first time due to their laceless structure. The traction capability is inversely proportional to dust, which means the traction would lower if there is more dust on the floor.

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6. D Rose 10 Mcdonald’s Shoe

Adidas achieved another milestone by designing a basketball shoe with the collaboration of two top players of American professional basketball players and a multinational food outlet.

Who is D Rose?

D Rose 10 Mcdonald has been designed in line with Derrick Rose and McDonald’s food chain. Derrick Rose plays for Detroit Pistons of National Basketball Association and marked a number of achievements in his career. He received a list of awards including;

  • NBA Most Valuable Player Award (2011)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year Award (2009)
  • House of Highlights Moment of the Year (2019)\
  • NBA All-Rookie Team (2009)

Who Mcdonald?

The number written on the shoe ‘25’ is the player number which D Rose played at during a game McDonald’s All-American Game in 2007. The M. sign is labelled at the outsole of the shoe as that of a sauce given in the famous food outlet Mcdonald’s.

It has a textile upper with regular fit sizing. The product is available at $140. This product comes with lace closure and a locked-down feel which gives the player stability and confidence during the game. Adidas D Rose 10 Mcdonald uses midsole Bounce cushioning again giving an edge to the product. It comes in a variety of attractive color schemes.

Why D Rose 10 Mcdonald’s Shoe?

The game techniques of famous basketball players have been used to design this masterpiece. The bounce cushioning also allows the player to go through the fourth quarter of the game energized and energy bounced back due to lesser friction. The grip on the ground is also another thing that can be observed in the shoe.

Why not D Rose 10 Mcdonald’s Shoe?

The flexibility is lesser than other similar products due to the leather outer surface. Price of the product is kept high than usual affordability.

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7. Adidas Pro Model 2G

Adidas Pro Model 2G which comes in a budget under $100 is another attractive piece in the market introduced by Adidas. Its best-known feature is the lightweight lining structure with Bounce midsole cushioning providing the best grip and support along with comfort. This item Adidas basketball shoes with straps are keenly designed for hard cuts and dynamic moves during a basketball game. It has a lace closure which leads to a regular fit. The material is flexible enough for the foot to move in different directions when tired. The toe box of these Adidas basketball player shoes has a unique shell-like structure providing enough room to toe.

Why Adidas Pro 2G Model?

This best basketball shoe also has a rubber sole which allows the player to stop on point with a smooth grip on the floor. It comes in a series of attractive colors that can go with any team’s uniform. The shoe’s lock-down structure allows the player to fit in the shoe keeping the foot in position on hard cuts. Therefore, the best part of Adidas Pro Model 2G is the traction capability which is quite good.

Why not Adidas Pro 2G Model?

The shell material for the toe box gets a little harder and uncomfortable for the toe. The player might not get easy with the product in starting, however, later might get at home in Adidas Pro Model 2G shoes. These addidas basketball sneakers are less breathable than other Adidas basketball shoes.

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8. Adidas Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe

Adidas Harden Stepback basketball shoes is another in under $100 one. The design and structure of this product have been inspired by American professional basketball player James Harden and his best to-the-goal move. His logo has also been embedded in the shoe tongue.

Who is James Harden?

James Harden is also known as the ‘best shooting guard of the National Basketball Association. He also has been known as the most prolific score earner for NBA. Among the awards received by him are;

  • (2018) NBA Most Valuable Player Award
  • PAC-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player (2009)
  • NBA Assists Leader (2017)
  • Man of the Year NBA Sixth Award (2012)
  • (2010) NBA All-Rookie Team
  • Voice Award for MVP NBA Players’

Why Adidas Harden StepBack?

It has textile upper with breathable synthetic front for toe box. Ergonomic lace system has been used for a better fit to all types of foot. The shoe has high level traction capability with bounce midsole cushioning causing flexible movement of the foot. Also, this product is lightweight enough for a longer run.

Why not Adidas Harden StepBack?

The hard lining inside causes foot sweating and blisters. However, midsole cushioning doesn’t have enough protection of smoothness during landing.

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9. Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes

For having a shoo-in the budget to play basketball, Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes can be considered which comes in the low budget under $65 but with professional cuts in the product. This is actually an old-school-styled sneaker that remained versatile for the game. Does it have a regular fit with lace closure and laces? Not just plain colored but, with Adidas officially logo. Also, Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoe offers foot comfort with cushioning inside giving a supporting touch during the basketball game

Why Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes?

It has a rubber capsule structure that causes water to not stay on diffuses inside. Its mesh collar is also supported by leather upper of Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes. It also provides a required sock line with the product.

Why not Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid Shoes?

However, it is observed that the toe gets uncomfortable which causes pain to the foot as well. For the beginning users, this shoe might not be easy to wear.

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10. Adidas Pro Next 2019

Adidas Pro Next 2019 has been designed to give a soft touch to the foot while playing on the hard floor of basketball. The shoe is best known for its flexibility as cushioned midsole and provides instant comfort to the player.

Why Adidas Pro Next 2019?

Adidas Pro Next 2020 is a lightweight basketball shoe and low top basketball shoes 2021 with cushioned soft midsole for a smooth landing. The outsole of this shoe provides enhanced stability during the game. It has regular fitting lace closure keeping the foot in position. These nicest adidas shoes has a completely textile upper side with cushioned ankle collar. Bounce midsole cushioning has been installed for a comfortable game.

Why not Adidas Pro Next 2019?

Adidas Pro Next 2019 doesn’t provide a hard grip to the foot due to more flexibility than required causing discomfort. Due to the cushioned ankle collar and midsole, the shoe is expected to lose its shape after using for a few longer durations games.

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Adidas produces its products with the latest technology used and special features as full bounce, midsole bounce cushion, flexible toe box, and bounce soft cushioned inner lining. This quality Adidas is the second-largest manufacturer of sportswear after Nike. Famous basketball players including James Harden, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, and Donovan Mitchell also prefer Adidas for their game.


To clean your basketball shoes, you need to take the smooth and soft bristled shoe brush or toothbrush, couple of sponges, a warm water plus any laundry detergent or speciality leather cleaner for leather shoes. Start it by brushing off excess dirt from the outsole then mix warm water with a drop of detergent and gently apply less amount of sponge to clean dirty areas. you can clean with a warm water and detergent as well.

It allows better traction while playing a game. Also, the reason is the shoe itself the gym floor is dusty. so wiping the bottom of the shoes will remove dust

For better grip, you need to clean your shoes, apply gel on your soles, mot the court regularly so you can minimize dust and you need to get a slipp-nott traction mat.

Wash your basketball shoes with warm water and soap. Mix both warm water and detergent and apply with gently clean with wash cloth.

Mostly professional basketball player is not going to keep the track of it but normally when you wear basketball shoes three times per week then may it leads or last for three months.

Yes, by warm water and soap you can wash basketball shoes and let them air dry. Therefore, you can wash basketball shoes easily by applying these tips.