3 Best Basketball referee shoes Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

Best Basketball referee shoes

Not only for basketball players, special shoes and on-court comfort are also crucial for best basketball referee shoes or basketball shoes for referees. During a match, the officials are just as stressed and under pressure as the players in a game. Officials have to keenly watch each move of the players. It’s not easy to run a game, to keep track of every move, determine when an injury has occurred, or declare when a rule has been breached. It is not an easy task to be a referee in a basketball game.

A referee in a basketball game must be a very energetic individual with outstanding concentration and focus. Furthermore, advanced social and precise communication skills are required to keep up with the other players. That is why, to feel comfortable and at peace, while completing the duties on the basketball court, the referee must get the appropriate footwear or referee basketball shoes.

Normally, NBA basketball referee shoes or all black basketball referee shoes patent leather is not a consideration for most of the brands yet some brands have designed shoes by considering the specific needs of officials on court.

It can be difficult to choose appropriate NBA referee shoes. The basketball official shoes must provide maximum protection, comfort, and sustainability. Here, are some properties of basketball officiating shoes that must be considered while purchasing shoes for a referee in which the Nike basketball referee shoes brand is one example.

 Support and protection 

For enhanced and suitable protection and support, proper foot placement is critical. The most significant aspect of the basketball referee sneakers is their carefully developed and supportive outsole, which allows them to hold the foot in the proper position. In addition, an uniquely developed outsole improves arch support and aids ankle movement on the court. So, the nfl referee shoes basketball should provide support and protection to make it easy and comfortable for a referee to control and run the match.

 Perfect Fit 

The natural anatomy and form of the human foot are taken into account when designing Perfect Fit all black referee shoes. When choosing basketball shoes, the right fit for one’s foot structure must be considered. The shoe should neither be overly tight nor too loose in its fit. Perfectly fitted shoes provide excellent stability while playing, reducing the risk of injury and tipping. The foot must be in the appropriate position and must not shift inside the shoe; otherwise, the referee’s attention will be drawn away from the game and toward balancing the foot. A loose-fitting new balance basketball referee shoes or ref shoes increase the risk of injury, whereas a tight-fitting shoe causes strain and exhaustion.


Basketball shoes for referees should have good traction to ensure a good grip on the ground. The bottom surface mustn’t be slick. Slippery tractions are a leading cause of court injuries and slippage. The material of the bottom surface should be moderate, not rough enough to generate friction, and also it shouldn’t be smooth enough to encourage slippage. The patterned bottom surface also provides great traction.


Along with other characteristics, the material of the best NBA ref shoe must be durable. So that the best referee shoes basketball can be worn long enough for more than one season.


Normally referees don’t need to jump so minimally to moderate cushioning is enough in referree shoes.


Generally, the color of the basket ref shoe is black.

By considering the above characteristics some of the good basketball shoes for referees are enlisted under; These pro basketball refs shoes can also consider as best shoes for soccer referee or best soccer referee shoes as well.

Best Basketball referee shoes

Best Basketball referee shoes Comparison Table 2022

Reebok Zig Energy Reebok Zig Energy
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Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Under Armour Charged Assert 8
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Asics GT 1000 8 Asics GT 1000 8
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3 Best Basketball referee shoes

1. Reebok Zig Energy

Reebok zig shoe is the top shoe in the list of best basketball referee shoes. The Zig Elusion Energy shoes have a great design. The zigzag midsole has a strong impression thanks to jagged streaks of bright color. When the temperature rises, an airy mesh upper keeps you cool. For a comfortable ride, the bouncy, responsive cushioning pulls you ahead. Custom orthotics can be worn in place of the Ortholite foam sock liner. This is a significant bonus for orthotics users, as many shoes on the market can’t accommodate them.

The reebok zig energy referee shoes are as attractive as it is functional for the referee. When the heel strikes the court, the zig-zag-shaped sole is designed to absorb more force. The sole also aids in propelling you ahead while reducing leg muscle tension.

The upper and tongue of the Zig Energy are made of synthetic mesh, which helps the shoe to breathe.

Overall this article basketball ref shoes is very good except for the synthetic fabric upper surface, which makes it look a little cheap.

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2. Under Armour Charged Assert 8

The Under Armour Charged Assert 8 is a fantastic combination of comfort, stability, and lightweight durability NBA referees shoes. The upper is made of lightweight mesh that breathes well, and the midsole and outsole are made of rubber.

The pro basketball ref shoes features an EVA sock liner and a Charged Cushioning midsole for added comfort. The midsoles are not very bouncy also they feel quite firm.

Mesh uppers are more likely to break down than leather or synthetic uppers.

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3. Asics GT 1000 8

This article reffing shoes is especially for wide footers and big guys. These shoes are not a good option for a normal fit or narrow foot. The shoe is very lightweight yet firm. The rearfoot Gel technology provides great cushioning and absorbs impact. The cushioning effect is further enhanced by the Flytefoam midsole technology. The GT 1000 8 runs small and does not run true to size and the shoelaces may be a little too short. The appropriate shoes not only help to save money on wear and tear but also improve overall health. It is very important to carefully choose footwear that is appropriate for one’s needs.

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