Best Basketball Shoes For Centers – Reviews & Buying Guide 2022

Best basketball shoes for centers

To discuss the best basketball shoes for centers, In a basketball game, the center (C), also known as the five, is one of the five positions. The center is usually the team’s tallest player, and he or she also possesses a lot of strength and body bulk.

Best basketball shoes for centers

About NBA Center

The NBA center is approximately 7 feet (2.13 m) tall. Inside the court, they mainly played near to the basket. As a defense, centers are regarded for their ability to defend their own goal from high-percentage close shots, while scoring and rebounding effectively on offense.

Most centers don’t have a reliable midrange or three-point shooting, and thus aren’t usually the focal point of most offenses. They’ll get most of their points by sticking close to the hoop and scoring off offensive rebounds, or by getting short passes when a perimeter player penetrates and their defender is forced to play help defense. This necessitates good hands and a high basketball IQ to know where to move around the hoop to provide the best angle to passers. A center’s two primary defensive responsibilities are to protect the basket and rebound the basketball. The center doesn’t need to be a superb shot blocker (though it helps); simply taking up space in the paint and forcing opponents to change their shots is frequently enough to keep a score from being scored.

With such huge responsibility of the match, the best basketball shoes for power forwards or centers should maintain premium focus on the game. For this purpose, they must be completely protected from external damages. The most important body part used in basketball is the legs and feet. So, to keep a player’s feet able to play and fight throughout the game most important thing in this regard is his shoes. The shoes of the center must be supportive, they must provide protection, agility, and traction.

Some key properties that should be checked while hunting for perfect power forward shoes for the center are traction, breathability, ankle support, arch support, cushioning, and perfect fit.


The outsole of the best shoes for power forwards or best basketball shoes for wide feet should have proper grip and it must be able to hold the player firmly on the ground.


The material of the best basketball shoes for big guys must be breathable, because after intense movements and jumping the environment get warm and humid and this leads to discomfort. The breathability of the shoe leads to ultimate comfort.

Ankle support

Most centers prefer high ankled shoes, the ankle cuff provides a sense of safety. The ankle support should be flexible enough to ease movement and shouldn’t compromise the agility of the player.

Arch support

As the feet of a player are on work the whole day, the foot arch must be at ease and well supported to keep it at maximum ease and away from tiredness. Premium quality arch support is crucial for flat feet guys.


The centers in Best Basketball Shoes Men For Centers are the most active player in the game, so they jump and move a lot and their duty demands a quick response. Their feet face a lot of jerks and impacts so their shoe must-have premium cushioning to nullify the impacts and shocks.

Perfect fit

As mostly the best shoes for centers are big guys so the standard size doesn’t go well with them. Perfectly fitted shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose should be adopted. Here are some good basketball shoes for centers by top experts and the most recommended basketball shoes. We have a list of top ten bball shoes in this article.

Best Basketball Shoes For Centers 2022 Comparison Table

Air Jordan 35 Air Jordan 35
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Nike Lebron 17 Nike Lebron 17
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Jordan Jumpman Jordan Jumpman
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Air Jordan 36 Air Jordan 36
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Nike Kyrie 6 Nike Kyrie 6
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Jordan Why Not Zero.3 Jordan Why Not Zero.3
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Adidas d rose Adidas d rose
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Nike Lebron Soldier 14 Nike Lebron Soldier 14
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Nike Renew Elevate Nike Renew Elevate
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Nike Lebron Witness 4 Nike Lebron Witness 4
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1. Air Jordan 35

Air Jordan 35 pic

Air Jordan 35 is on top in the best nike basketball shoes to play in for centers. It is considered as the most comfortable basketball shoes ever and in the top list of best performance basketball shoes ever. The nicest basketball shoes Air Jordan 35 come with a premium traction pattern in the shape of herringbone. The step in these basketball shoes for big man is cushioned and very quick to respond. The support in these best basketball shoes for forwards is all around the foot. The design is appealing and modern. It can also be used for the best basketball shoes for small forwards. This also came in the list of best Nike signature basketball shoes.

The grip of this number one basketball shoes is truly spectacular even upon the first use. The Jordan 35 features a traditional herringbone pattern that works very well. The grooves grip most surfaces, and there are plenty of bites when a player digs in on a long drive or a defensive stop.

The sophisticated materials and high-end stitching guarantee that the footwear will last a long time. Everything about this shoe points to a solid, durable model. Additionally, the various qualities provide extra strength without weighing down the best basketball shoes for big man or slowing down the player. The material is also breathable.

The addition of a high-volume Zoom Air unit in the heel makes the cushion even more comfy and responsive. The cushioned midsole and comfort merge into such a lively, responsive sneaker. When a player needs to make a sharp turn, the allowance for lateral movement becomes very obvious.

Overall these best basketball shoes for big men are rated 9.0 by experts.

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2. Nike Lebron 17

Nike Lebron 17 pic

The most comfortable nike basketball shoes is also the most expensive one and rated on top shoes in best basketball shoes for all around players but its features justify its price. Experts call it a beast on the court.

Nike Lebron 17 comes with great cushioning. This line has the largest Air Max bubble on a Nike Basketball sneaker to date, as well as two air zoom pods in the front. The combination of a large Max Air unit inside the heel plus Zoom in the forefoot provides a lot of impact protection and bounce and are ideal for absorbing impact while jumping

For a tough basketball sneaker, the knitposite on the upper half of the sneaker is remarkably light. soft, and pleasant, but it heats up quickly.

Due to the padding on the heel and forefoot of the best big man shoes, it is quite comfortable to wear during playing.

The right and left sides of your foot are separated by a huge area in the rubber in front of the shoe, allowing for optimum flexibility.

Overall these best shoes for small forwards are rated 8.7 by experts and considered as good shoes for basketball. Also, it is one of the best shoes to hoop in.

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3. Jordan Jumpman

Jordan Jumpman pic

This article about the best basketball shoes for post players comes at a cheap price but its features are great and rated in the top three in best basketball shoes for centers.

The most remarkable feature of Jordan Jumpman 2020 is its traction. Due to the structure of the traction pattern, even though it leads from front to back, there is still multidirectional coverage. A player feels safe making all kinds of moves on the court, especially when trapped around the divot beneath the heel.

On clear courts, the traction of these small forward shoes is really strong and operates admirably, but on filthy courts, it draws a lot of dust.

The Phylon cushioning in the heel is soft and comfy, while the forefoot Zoom provides responsiveness and bounce. The divots under the heel provide compression and rebound on impact and landing.

The best basketball shoes for heavy players are rated 8.5 by experts.

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4. Air Jordan 36

air jordan 36 pic

This article is about good basketball shoes for big man. It comes with a herringbone traction pattern, which provides multi-directional traction that is simple but effective. Also, this shoe is top performing basketball shoes.

These best basketball shoes for fat guys are rated top 4th on best basketball shoes for centers. The setup of the sole is highly cushioned while preserving court sensation. However, the bulge gives it an unstable feel underfoot.

This shoe provides a tight, narrow fit. It has all of the support features required for the perfect shoe. Heel counter on the inside. Plate for the midfoot shank. A perfect one-to-one fit. They even have a rather broad framework. The projecting forefoot Zoom Air was the only flaw.

Very light materials are used in manufacturing the shoe without compromising much in terms of comfort or durability. The support in this shoe is substantial due to the surprisingly strong upper. And also, outsole materials wrapping upward towards the midsole.

These shoes as big man basketball shoes are rated 9.1 by experts.

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5. Nike Kyrie 6

6 pic

The Nike Kyrie is made up of a blend of synthetic materials put together. It comes up with each colorway sporting a varied mix. The textile of these best basketball shoes for impact protection was utilized from midfoot onward. Whereas Leather or Patent Leather was used in the heel area. Nike Kyrie Six is rated on top shoes on best basketball shoes for centers.

The Zoom Turbo and Phylon cushioning system gave the shoe a great heel-to-toe transition. A TPU component is also included at the forefoot to provide additional support. And it also prevents the risk of turning your ankle.

The fabrics are soft and comfortable, with plenty of support and lockdown for rapid movements and crossovers.

The traction pattern is largely built up of “blades” and grips the floor quite effectively. The traction wraps around the sides of the shoe a little. And the spherical outsole guarantees that coverage is ideal all around, even while changing directions.

These best shoes for big man are rated 8.8 by experts.

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6. Jordan Why Not Zero.3

Jordan Why Not Zero.3 pic

This article about the top 10 shoes for point guards is made up of heavy textile synthetic panels in a notably lighter form factor. The upper ensures speed, agility, and one-to-one fit from every angle.

The upper is a real modern classic that serves well in any type of playstyle because the minimalistic design retains all of the support features, so you have an all-around upper to enjoy.

Cushioning in these top 10 basketball shoes for guards comes with the Zoom Air Turbo variant that has parallel segmentation that’s why this version feels more lively. The Zoom Air element in the forefoot provides a smooth and responsive ride, while the cushion in the heel offers robust impact protection. The traction pattern of the bottom is multidirectional in the most comfortable basketball shoe.

The midfoot strap, lacing system, zig-zag style midsole, and internal heel contour provide great support.

These best basketball shoes for performance are rated 8.4 by experts and rated in top ten in best basketball shoes for centers.

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7. Adidas d rose

Adidas d rose pic

This next level basketball shoes provide a surprising amount of traction on all types of surfaces. The traction is consistent all over the shoe. This version of Adidas d rose son of chi offers Bouncy cushioning, which is very responsive and provides great impact resistance. The fabrics do not expand much, the fitting is nice and tight.

The top performance basketball shoes lateral support is very strong. There are no problems with stability.

This dopest basketball shoes is rated 8.1 by experts.

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8. Nike Lebron Soldier 14

 Nike Lebron Soldier 14 pic

Soldier 14 is heavily padded. That’s fantastic for overall comfort. The Zoom, which stretches the shoe, delivers a great bunch of front cushioning. Not only does it feel at ease to stroll around together, but it also gives lots of impact protection.

Even after extended sessions, Soldier 14 has a surprising amount of built-in airflow; they never get as hot or stuffy as one might think.

The traction on the Lebron Soldier 14 is decent, but it takes some time to break in and doesn’t last very long outside.

At a low pricing point, the materials in these best impact protection basketball shoes are quite great and fit well to your foot. They also provide adequate ventilation.

It has a thin woven material that performs well. The upper has a lot of built-in strength that holds up well no matter where the game is played.

Furthermore, the foundation is extremely stable. The base has a lot of strength, allowing it to push off or dig in.

The best basketball shoes to hoop in are rated 8.3 by experts.

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9. Nike Renew Elevate

Nike Renew Elevate pic

On both outdoor and clean indoor courts, the traction pattern of Nike Renew Elevate performs nicely. It will need to wipe the dust off the court from time to time if it’s dirty.

The foam in these coolest basketball shoes is soft and bouncy and gives adequate impact protection.

The mesh materials appear to be inexpensive, but they give adequate support and are comfortable to wear. The upper’s minimum materials give much-needed comfort, especially for individuals who wear it for lengthy periods.

These basketball sneakers as big and tall basketball shoes are not only wonderful for on-court use, but they are also great for extended use on days off or at work. They are very trendy and stylish.

These best all around basketball shoes is obviously for gamers on a budget, as it costs less than $100.

This shoe is rated 7.9 by experts.

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10. Nike Lebron Witness 4

Nike Lebron Witness 4 pic

Nike Lebron Witness 4 is made up of regular mesh material, there is not any premium quality material used to build that shoe. But still, the shoe does its job without looking fancy. The forefoot traction is good, however, one reviewer noticed that the heel slid out a lot on lateral cuts. The cushioning is stiffer but there’s still some good compression in the heel and some bounce from the Zoom unit in the forefoot.

The support of these coolest NBA shoes is quite good. A huge plastic exterior outrigger surrounds the heel and keeps it down in place with the help of a classic lacing mechanism in the back. For strong lateral containment, there are two lateral outriggers paired with a rather wide platform and more rigid mesh panels on the sides. Everything went smoothly, and there were no issues. These comfortable basketball sneakers is rated 7.8 by experts.

The above-mentioned options can be considered while making an online purchase but still the final decision should be carefully made by the buyer according to his foot shape, body weight, arch, and pocket.

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Best basketball shoes as per expert’s opinion

It is very important to invest in good quality shoes or awesome bball shoes to elevate the game, apart from tactics and skills. Here are some basketball shoes specially designed for centers and highly liked and recommended by experts;

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