Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Top 10 Basketball shoes Under $100

The basketball players who tend to buy the best basketball shoes under $100 for their practice and games may sometimes have to face economical pressure due to the gradual increase in the price of almost everything. Therefore, they may stick to some budget for purchasing a product. To help them in finding out a relevant product. basketball shoes under 80, Basketball shoes under 75 dollars, basketball shoes under $60 dollars are also included in the below list. On doing research I can find out below ones the cheapest basketball shoes ever or cheap but nice basketball shoes. Here are some best cheap basketball shoes which can be considered a few of the 100 dollar shoes or these are the best basketball shoes under 100 or cheapest mens basketball shoes.

Top 10 Basketball shoes Under $100

Best Basketball Shoes Under $100 Comparison Table 2022

Nike Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe Nike Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe
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Adidas Dame 5 Adidas Dame 5
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Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 Jordan Why Not Zer0.3
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PUMA Clyde Hardwood PUMA Clyde Hardwood
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Beita Basketball Shoes Review Beita Basketball Shoes Review
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Under Armour Lockdown 4 Under Armour Lockdown 4
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NIKE Precision 3 NIKE Precision 3
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Adidas Pro Vision Adidas Pro Vision
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PUMA Suede Classic lfs PUMA Suede Classic lfs
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Kyrie Flytrap 2 Kyrie Flytrap 2
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10 Best Basketball Shoes Under $100

1) Nike Air Mavin Low Basketball Shoe

Here we have the best cheap Nike basketball shoes or Nike basketball shoes under 100 dollars. In the Nike Air Marvin review, Nike Air Mavin Low Basketball shoes can be considered to buy if a quality shoe is needed under $100 and considered as cool shoes under 100. Phylon midsole cushioning was installed for foot comfort which definitely marks a plus point for Nike shoes under 50. Mesh and leather create an attractive combo for the upper side of the shoe and the sides consist of mesh for airflow. It is considered as good shoes for under 100.

Reasons to buy Nike Air Marvin

  • A proper air sole unit installed allows the proper flow of air in and out of the white basketball shoes.  This air sole unit nice shoes under 100 enhances the breathability level which keeps the foot fresh and dry throughout the game.
  • The fitting of Nike Air Marvin Low Basketball shoes has been improved with molded sock liner.
  • The traction level of this Nike basketball shoes under $100 is good enough for a smooth go. The outsole features a Herringbone pattern with broad lines, hence, increasing the grip control.
  • This product nike shoes under 100 is somehow, water-resistant and can be worn on a wet or watery surface.

Reasons not to buy Air Marvin Low

  • There is some issue observed with the sizing which is about the tightening of the shoe is high.
  • There is not much color variety, therefore, this shoe nike under 100 can not be used with any outfit.

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2) Adidas Dame 5

Dame 5 cheap Adidas is included in the list of cheap signature basketball shoes. In best low price basketball shoes, Dame 5 Adidas are inexpensive basketball shoes or cheap basketball sneakers. Adidas Dame 5 American basketball player Damian Lillard signature shoe was brought to market by Adidas as Adidas Dame shoes, a sequel of which is Dame 5. Solid rubber outsole with high traction level sticking like gum, Dame 5 black panther allows multidirectional movements of players during the game. It comes in standard Adidas sizing however, it’s a little longer than usual shoes. Dame 5 is affordable basketball shoes and cool basketball shoes under 100 or we can say cheap but cool basketball shoes. This shoe is nice basketball shoes for cheap.

Damian Lillard Profile

Damian Lillard Sr. is a player for NBA’s Portland Trail Blazer. Lillard owns a huge number of awards received from time to time including;

  • Awarded NBA Rising Star (2012)
  • NBA Rookie of the Year (2013)
  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (2013)
  • Awarded NBA Skills Challenge champion (2013)
  • NBA Rising Star (2013)
  • Awarded NBA All-Star (2014)
  • (2014) NBA Skills Challenge champion
  • All-Star Weekend (2014)
  • (2015) NBA All-Star
  • (2018) NBA All-Star
  • NBA All-Star (2019)
  • NBA All-Star (2020)
  • All NBA First Team (2018)
  • NBA Bubble Most Valuable Player (2020)

Reasons to buy Dame 5 Adidas

  • With being produced in a variety of colors, Adidas Dame 5 attracts the players for looking cool also known as dame 5 all colorways.
  • This shoe adidas dame basketball shoes fits to the size claimed, hence, lace closure marks the final fitting.
  • Thermos Polyurethane panel have been used to keep the foot in position.
  • The ankle collar of Adidas Dame 5 fire, shoes under 100, is cushioned to prevent sudden foot jerks.

Reasons not to buy Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoes

  • On dusty floors, Dame 5 All Skate looses its grip on floor and might cause slip.
  • In this mens shoes under 100 shoe leather on the lower surface tears away after more use.

3) Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

Another low cost basketball shoes or best and cheapest basketball shoes include Jordan Why Not zero.3 or Jordan why not shoes. To increase the speed on the hardcourt surface, this product best basketball shoes under 100 is specially designed for abrupt cuts. Smooth heel-to-toe outsole diffusion for traction is claimed to have high control on the grip. Colorful and stylish design is the first thing that catches attention. Also, it is considered cute basketball shoes.

Reasons to buy Jordan Why Not Zero

  • Here, the best thing about Nike Jordan Why Not Zero is that the color scheme used.
  • The design of cheap jordan basketball shoes with plastic like rubber material on upper surface to close the shoe tightly along with the lace closure system makes the product attractive.
  • Ankle collar is a wave shaped wall with finger holders at the back of the shoe to wear comfortably.
  • Jordan Why Not Zer0 is light in weight to prevent foot fatigue.
  • Its meshed upper allows the flow of air properly to keep the foot fresh inside.

Reasons not to buy Jordan Why Basketball Shoes

  • Jordan Why Not white gets slippery on dusty floors.
  • The outsole, although much attractive and pretty, still is softer than required.

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4) PUMA Clyde Hardwood

Clyde Hardwood considers one of the best value basketball shoes and came in best shoes under 100$. With a knitted outer surface of the shoe, PUMA Clyde is an under $100 basketball shoe for athletes. The transparent TPU bottom and sides make this product different from others. ProFoam has been installed on a full-length midsole which is even lighter in weight as well. Lace closure with a regular fit sizing is appreciable. Puma Clyde Hardwood is one of the best affordable basketball shoes. This shoe also comes in basketball shoes under 100 and its the best budget basketball shoes.

Reasons to buy Clyde Hardwood Basketball Shoes

  • The mesh material on the shoe increases breathability for the shoe to keep the air flowing through.
  • There is an even increased support with the heel clip on the shoe.
  • Clyde Hardwood keeps an elevated grip with the sticky rubber bottom.
  • Also, the light weight surface keeps the foot comfortable and prevents exhaustion.
  • The cushioning of PUMA Clyde gives a responsive ride when the athlete lands on the surface.
  • Midsole keeps the foot in bouncing position therefore, saving the energy till the end of the game.

Reasons not to buy PUMA Clyde Hardwood

  • The rubber sole although provides a handsome level of traction, however still is quite less.
  • In this best basketball shoes on a budget, the front is narrow and not enough toe box causing irritation to foot therefore.
  • The grip level is low and does not keep the foot in tact. PUMA Clyde Hardwood lacks the enough support for the foot inside therefore, is less durable as well.

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5) Beita Basketball Shoes Review

In good inexpensive basketball shoes Beita shoes are also there on the list. A stylish pair of basketball shoes under 50 is not hard enough to find. Just take an example of Beita High Upper Basketball shoes which provide a responsive ride due to the midsole cushioning. The combination of perforated leather and premium textile creates an attractive look for the show. The lace closure structure keeps the fitting according to size. This shoe came in the best basketball shoes under $50.

Reasons to buy Beita High Upper Basketball Sneakers

  • This good cheap basketball shoes under 40 dollars is a lightweight product which is designed to prevent the foot exertion during the landing.
  • The perforation of material for outer surface keeps the flow of air intact therefore, keeping breathability high.
  • In this 50 dollar basketball shoes, the rubber outer sole keeps the traction high and allows the close cut moves during the game.

Reasons not to buy Beita High Upper Basketball Sneakers

  • The midsole of Beata High Upper Basketball Sneakers does not keep the foot comfortable enough during the ride.
  • The ankle support of the Nike shoes under $100 still looses grip on foot during the game.

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6) Under Armour Lockdown 4

With a mid-top curve from the arch, UA Lockdown 4-Basketball shoes are another product of shoes under 80. These cheap shoes that look good come with a rich leather look with a perforated material to create a flow of air in and out. The sock liner is also designed to provide a breathable and super comfortable grip.

Reasons to buy Under Armour UA Lockdown

  • Under Armor Lockdown Basketball shoes are a lightweight product to lessen foot stress during exertion.
  • The perforated leather increases the breathability of the shoe which keeps the flow of air in and out of the shoe properly.
  • Also, the breathability factor keeps the foot fresh preventing sweating and slip.
  • EVA Midsole gives a bouncing response land and jumps during the game.
  • Super traction observed due to the rubber outsole designed for multi-level traction.

Reasons not to buy Under Armour Basketball Shoes

  • In under armour lockdown reviews, the color scheme, though much attractive, can not go with all types of outfits hence, only for specific purposes.
  • The cushioning of UA Lockdown 4 is said to lack a strong grip on the foot during the ride.

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7) NIKE Precision 3

Here we have Nike Basketball Ball Shoes Under 100. In Nike precision review cheap basket ball, Nike also brings an in-budget basketball shoe with a padded collar for ankle’s comfortable space. The lace closure allows the regular fit to be customized according to the foot size. There is a special Nike technique used in Nike Precision 3 which allows the rotational movement of the foot for a sudden call. This shoe comes in different colors known as Nike precision 3 white, Nike precision 3 black. Nike Precision 3 is included in the group of good cheap bball shoes or considered good basketball shoes.

Reasons to buy NIKE Precision 3 Shoes

  • The midsole cushioning gives a responsive and safe ride preventing the sudden jerk to foot.
  • In this nike shoes under 100 dollars, the color scheme of Nike Precision 3 nbk is kept quite attractive to go with the casual as well as uniform themes.
  • Therefore, this product Nike Air Precision 3 which is a cheapest nike basketball shoes fits best with the foot as claimed by the size chart.
  • The comfortable cushioning installed inside the shoe needs no break-in period.

Reasons not to buy Nike Precision Shoes

  • The frontside of the shoe is narrow hence, not providing enough space for fingers.
  • Shoe is less breathable and therefore, causes sweating which moves the foot from its intact position.

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8) Adidas Pro Vision

In Adidas Pro Vision Review, Equipped with a full-length sole for responsive bounce, Adidas brings Adidas Pro Vision shoes under 100$. These shoes for 100 dollars claims of having strong traction over basketball player’s runs, jumps, and moves. The textile upper surface which is stretchable and breathable is used. Adidas Pro Vision is good basketball shoes under 100 dollars or one of the best basketball shoes under 100 dollars. This shoe comes in the category of super cheap basketball shoes

Reasons to buy Pro Vision Adidas

  • Due to the perforated textile used in Adidas Pro Vision Basketball Shoes, the shoe is breathable enough to keep the foot dry and fresh till the end quarter.
  • Due to light weight fabric used, the shoe is easy to carry around during a game, causing less stress on the leg.
  • The cushioning is considered much bouncing as compared to other basketball shoes available at similar price.
  • The premium leather touch gives a rich look to the product.

Reasons not to buy Pro Vision Shoes Adidas

  • In best low top basketball shoes, Adidas Pro Vision Shoes is a little tighter at forefront than required which causes discomfort during a go.
  • The outsole of Adidas Pro Vision slips on a dusty hard floor.
  • Also, the forefront is considered to be narrow enough.

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9) PUMA Suede Classic lfs

In cheap low top basketball shoes this shoe comes on 9, As claimed by the product label, PUMA lfs turn out to be a classical model for basketball players with a comfortable foot space inside the product. This shoe PUMA basket classic lfs has a lace-closure fashion style giving this a stylish and flexible look. it’s a combination of premium leather and stretchable textile fabric.

Reasons to buy PUMA Classic LFs shoes

  • The rubber sole of PUMA Classic LFs Sneakers creates the finest grip during run.
  • The traction is precisely focusing on ground movements with immediate cuts during the game.
  • Also, one thing observed most about the product is that PUMA Classic LFs Sneakers fit to size truly.
  • Therefore, this shoe goes well for both; formal and informal purposes.
  • These cheap but cool shoes comes in a wide range of colors contrasts which can catch any athlete’s attention.
  • This PUMA product goes well with the affordable range thing by being under $100.

 Reasons not to buy PUMA Classic LFs Basketball Shoes

  • There is an issue observed with the product that it is narrow in width as compared to most of the comfortable sneakers.
  • The midsole of the shoe is not comfortable for a longer duration hence, causing fatigue and tiredness.

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10) Kyrie Flytrap 2

In Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 Review, With the strongest traction level, Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 is an in budget product by the world’s largest sportswear brand. The stylish lace closure of this product can go with any foot type. An attractive logo mark can be seen on the shoe with color in accordance with the Nike logo. Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 shoes under 75 is also coming under the category of 100 dollar basketball shoes. Therefore, this shoe is coming in the category of really cheap basketball shoes or awesome cheap basketball shoes.

Reasons to buy Nike Kyrie Flytrap II

  • In good cheap basketball shoes, the grip of Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 is observed best with the traction capability keeping the foot in tact.
  • Not only for playing in the court, these shoes can go best for outdoor activities as well.
  • The shoe fits well with the size and therefore, is better for basketball players.
  • Hence, It is very comfortable to wear with no adjustment time required.
  • It’s light in weight and therefore, causes no fatigue or stress.
  • Therefore, Nike’s has mentioned product is affordable with such features.
  • Due to high traction level, the landing during the game is safe enough for the basketball players offering a smooth go.

Reasons not to buy Nike Flytrap 2

  • The forefront of Kyrie Flytrap II is narrow and comfortable at the region.
  • Also, there is a major issue with the cushioning of this product.
  • Due to less responsive cushioning mechanism, Nike Kyrie Flytrap 2 somehow causes foot fatigue.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion of mens basketball shoes under 100 or 100$ shoes, there is a number of basketball shoes that can be brought under $100 without compromising on the quality of the product. Nike is on top with the best traction capability for abrupt moves and cuts, however, Adidas is responsive with a bouncing midsole for landing and jumping during the game. However, one similar issue observed in these shoes is the traction being compromised on dusty hard court floors which can cause slip or loosening of grip.

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