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To discuss Best Basketball Shoes in detail, Basketball is a battle of speedy, tricky, and groundbreaking moves and one of the most popular and extensively viewed sports in the world. I have been playing basketball since childhood and was raised up watching legendary players playing their games like Lebron James, Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson that rouse up my passion for the basketball game and for this reason I have begun this blog to explore all about Basketball and gathered mens basketball shoes or men’s shoes basketball.
In any sports, the performance of a player heavily relies on the boys basketball shoes, and obviously the more a player is fit and comfortable in his popular shoes the better game he will play so it is imperative that you go for the best performance sneakers according to your requirements that can really take your game higher than ever.

Just over the most recent couple of years a lot of Chinese shoe-making companies have entered a previously jam-packed market overwhelmed by Jordan basketball shoes, Nike Basketball Shoes, and Adidas Basketball shoe Brand, so indeed finding your ideal performance sneaker is really a back-breaking thing to do. Regardless, on fevysports we are here to help you buy the best basketball shoes ever.

There are so many factors that need to be considered before picking up the best basket ball shoes for better performance. some cool basketball shoes are not really obvious to a regular person. There are certain things to consider such as In-step is the thickness height of your foot (thin foot does not fill up a shoe as much). Do you have a wide midfoot or a wide forefoot? Do you have Fallen Arches or regular or high arches? Some uppers do stretch some do not due to being synthetic material however you will need a wide base. How wide of an outsole base do you need? Will you need outriggers to help keep your lower leg from rolling? Do you feel comfortable wearing 2 pairs of socks for a good fit? Do you feel comfortable adding an additional insole for extra cushioning? there are definitely a lot of things to think about

So after spending hours on research, keeping in mind all the factors that a good basket ball player generally seeks in the best hoop shoe, we found top 30 best basketball shoes of all time. As people have different types of feet which fit different types of shoes so we listed 15 for wide feet and 15 for narrow feet.

Here we go…


  • Maximum ankle support
  • Top level/heavy Traction
  • Light weight & low cushioning
  • Better performance (to support to play your best game)
  • Durability
  • Fit for outdoor games

Finding your ideal b-ball shoe or best sneakers 2021 and best basketball shoes 2022 implies finding the correct mix of lower leg uphold, footing, weight, and by and large solace. Here’s an in-depth of our b-ball shoe activity, from their advantages to the incredible competitors who help plan them.

Top Basketball Shoes For Narrow Footers 2022 Comparison Table

Nike KD 12 Nike KD 12
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Addidas harden Vol 3 Addidas harden Vol 3
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Air Jordan 32 Air Jordan 32
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Nike kyrie 6 Greenworks 40V 16″ Nike kyrie 6
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5 Basketball Shoes For Narrow Footers

1.Nike KD 12

There are a lot of best basketball shoes brands that claim to be the best b-ball shoemaker on the market and Which one to buy is probably the most difficult question to answer. The best basketball sneaker of all time we ranked at the top of the list for narrow footers is the Nike KD 12. Top-rated experts say that it is the best all-around performer & the most comfortable shoe ever for narrow footers.


It is the first time that Nike removed the midsole layer and used the full-length air zoom cushion, underneath the insole, all the way from heel to toe to get you ultra-responsive cushioning and also Nike used the double-stacked zoom air in the heel to give you an extra bounce and great comfort in the court. I would like to rate the cushioning a 9 out of 10.


Traction and grip play a very vital role in supporting your foot to take quick moves and keeping your foot from slipping in the court. KD12 has great traction but after the break-in period. In the beginning, like some other models of the same line sneakers, sticking to the court is not that amazing but after using like two weeks the rubber breaks in and gets softer, after that period traction will start better sticking to the court. For narrow footers, I will rate the traction a 9 out of 10.


As the KD12 shoes are very narrow so narrow footers will fit them perfectly.


The materials in these best sneakers used are not that super-premium, nothing fancy but they are very strong, stable, and flexible. This men basketball shoes is considered one of the best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking because its Lockdown and ankle support is amazing. These are the best shoes narrow footers can get right now. On the whole Nike air zoom KD12 is a great performer and I will rank it a 9 of 10 in all aspects.

  • Great cushioning Overall fit.
  • Zoom in forefoot might bottom out

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If you want to spend your money to find good basketball shoes then it’s the best ever choice for a wide-footer basketball player to buy the J34. As a sign of a Zion Williamson, he remarked that he needs a shoe that is comfortable, lightweight, and polished on and off the court, and the XXXIV conveys on the entirety of this and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. To me, shoe tech is very similar to car tech as it is always getting better. Companies put millions of dollars into research to create a better product than their previous versions. So a question arises that how Nike AIR JORDAN 34 is the coolest basketball shoes and is different from its previous versions. AJ34 was made in the wake of a craving to improve traction & reduce weight after collecting feedback from the Air Jordan 32 & 33.
The introduction of the Jordan Eclipse Plate in the midfoot and its stable wide base help reduce the overall solidness and strips down the weight that increases the performance while hopping, cutting & running.
Jordan XXXIV is something unlike I have ever seen before. It got incredible super bouncy cushioning, excellent traction support, and is lightweight. It really has zero weaknesses. This amazing shoe reminds me of a Ferrari like an engine is so strong but the frame is so lightweight. A whole forefoot is a zoom unit, I mean it’s not a cage zoom unit but the entire forefoot is a gigantic zoom unit. I have never felt a shoe that propelled me in my foot strike more than J34, it’s like a fighter jet.
For Jordan fans searching for extra traction, the Air Jordan XXXIV Low has a herringbone foothold design that is intended to hold the court as you move every which way.
Jordan 34 is really the progression of high-end basketball shoes moving forward.

  • Best shoes of all time,
  • Lightweight, 9/10 on all major metrics,
  • No weak points.
  • High price

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3. Addidas harden Vol 3

As James Harden’s signature sneaker, Addidas harden Vol 3 is another the best all-around basketball shoe for narrow footers. This best shoes for basketball have one of the best soles and is the most comfortable compared to other shoes available on the market. These top shoes are very stylish and look far better than the electronic picture. It is low to the ground, has great support, is very stable, and is great at making moves left-right that making it the best basketball shoe for speed.
The lacing framework offers really good support when it is required and does not suffocate your feet. It has an Elastic band across the forefoot for extra lockdown and fits really well.
Due to its improved cushioning, you can feel the boost which is the most responsive cushioning ever, the more power you give, the more you get Herringbone traction pattern performs very great but in the start, traction is not that good on dusty courts but as you play more it is improved.

  • Low profile and boost were nice to run on.
  • Heel slippage for slim ankles

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4. Air Jordan 32

For a wide footer, Air Jordan 32 is the best fit you ever get. It is true to size and provides ample lockdown from heel to toe. Once you get it at first the feeling of traction is really nice but it is super sneaky.
When you are doing a lot of cuts and crossovers then you will feel a bit sliding around on dusty courts (unlike Jodan 31 which slides all over the place). Traction on Jordan XXXII is far better than Jordan 31 but you never get a crazy bite even not on the super clean court. Even though it slides a bit but it is grabbing and a wide footer will never slip out as Some people complain about traction but for a heavy player with a wide foot you are moving as quickly as Nike kyrie
Cushioning is very firm and responsive, feels better on the court, low to the ground, great lockdown, ankle support is just ok, heel to toe transition is pretty good but a little bit clunky. You can feel the forefoot zoom air with little bounce. It is very durable and one of the best outdoor shoes

  • Most comfortable upper ever
  • Amazing full-length zoom setup.
  • Traction is a bit shaky

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5. Nike kyrie 6

Nike Kyrie 6 has the craziest lockdown for narrow footers, you don’t need to wear any pair of special socks. Zoom turbo is very dense, very low to the ground, has great traction, best-looking performance shoe of all time.
The Nike Air Zoom Turbo unit under the chunk of the foot is arched which retains underneath and when you push off your edges. The midsole foam is very soft, lightweight, and very supportive and assists with smoothing the heel to toe progress
The cushioned collar and heel counter lock give you a very safe ankle conforming fit and help you in producing energy while making hard cuts.
The Kyrie 6 features a multi-angle blade pattern that works well and grips the court in all directions.
All sneaker reviewers agree that Nike Kyrie 6 is an outstanding performance basketball shoes men for narrow footers.

  • Great lockdown,
  • Traction, overall fit.
  • Takes time to break in,
  • Zoom turbo is almost too firm

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Top Basketball Shoes For Wide Footers 2022 Comparison Table

WHY NOT Zero.1 (Russel wrestbrook) WHY NOT Zero.1 (Russel wrestbrook)
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Nike kobe Nike kobe
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Addidas dame Addidas dame
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Nike PG Nike PG
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Lebron Lebron
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Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Footers

1. WHY NOT Zero.1 (Russel wrestbrook)

These new basketball shoes are the best performance series for wide footers from Jordan and very powerful shoes with great cushioning and grip. I don’t know if there is a shoe that is more supportive & that allows you to do really hard cuts without any risk of twisting the ankle.
In the start, for most people, these are very small to get into but when you are playing in them, they give amazing ankle support.
Overall WHY NOT Zero.1 is a great performance basketball sneaker and so if you are a wide footer and have a playing style of taking hard and risky cuts, don’t stop for a second to go “wide” with these however in case you’re simply a regular guy, you’ll be fine with that too. This can also be considered one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

  • Unbeatable containment,
  • Perfect cushioning.
  • Perfect cushioning.
  • X no ventilation

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2. Nike kobe

Kobe 9 low is another one of the best basketball sneakers for narrow footers that provides the best dunking experience ever and provides the players great support to jump high very comfortably. A lot of slim dunkers like the shoe very much.
The lunar in the midsole provides excellent comfort. They are super light in weight, fit perfectly 9/10, breathable, and very durable especially the upper.
The material used is super premium and so most of the buyers are fine with the high price
They have one of the best traction and the foot shape pattern provides excellent grip on the court. The experts rate the traction a 10 out of 10.

  • Bouncy lunarlon, lightweight,
  • Great traction.
  • Structure of shoe wears down quickly

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3. Addidas dame

ADIDAS Men’s D Lillard 2 b-ball shoes is the greatest Adidas dame of all time. It is very fit and good for wide footers due to the premium material on the upper. It feels magical like Nike pg 1 in narrow.
Dame 2 include a techfit designed upper for regular adaptable support and a consistent fit
The bounce cushioning setup provides energized comfort and stability for all sports, all day.
The new updated traction pattern is great which provides improved durability and features a Continental Rubber outsole that provides extraordinary grip in all conditions. It is also one of the best basketball shoes by a budget if you are looking for a cheap one.

  • Bounce cushioning setup is incredibly balanced,
  • Best dame ever.
  • A bit bulky, different colors fit differently due to materials,
  • Not suitable for outdoors

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4. Nike PG

PG 1 is one of the best basketball shoes of all time. Playing in PG 1 will feel you especially at home on both sides of the ball, comfortable in any condition. It is designed to enable the most versatile players to move flawlessly from offense to defense.
Low-profile Nike Zoom Air offers light, responsive cushioning to keep you aggressive on every play, you could feel the forefoot cushioning & forefoot zoom.
It has a midfoot and forefoot strap with Flywire technology that offers excellent lockdown stability to transition very smoothly in all directions. It is low & very stable.

  • Great stability, traction,
  • Forefoot cushioning.
  • Not good for high jumps & heavy guys

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5. Lebron

A lot of experts really like the regular version of the Nike Lebron 10 even though the cushioning is mushier, i don’t think that there is a shoe that gives more energy with turns other than Lebron 10. I think for big muscular guys stiff uppers are not a restriction but it’s supportive but skinnier guys feel it as restrictive.
Nike Lebron X has the best traction we have had on a Lebron. Quick hard stops, cutting, and curling coverage are solid without any slippage and provide the grip in all directions.
Materials used are not super premium but they are durable, flexible, lightweight, require less time to break in, and are quite breathable.
Lebron 10 is very fit and one of the best overall fits a shoe can provide, from heel to toe.

  • Best max zoom cushioning ever,
  • Extremely stable.
  • Bulky & expensive,
  • The elite version is more stable but less comfortable

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Nike Kobe AD mid

A lot of NBA players wear such amazing shoes. It is very simple shoes and light in weight as well.
Kobe Bryant is one of those players who liked it the most and he denoted his retirement from b-ball in the year 2016 with the Kobe A.D. mid.
If you have worn mambas basket ball shoes in the past and had a good experience with them then you will love this excellent shoe, and also if you are looking for a smooth and affordable low top then this would be my recommendation.
It has very good cushioning that allows one to tie efficiently. Its Lunar Lon froth consolidates with Nike Zoom Air to convey smooth and responsive padding that keeps you agreeable and satisfied on the court.
It has also excellent traction that helps you cut and move smoothly.

pros: lightweight, low profile, good ankle support.

cons: not good for outdoors, lack of ventilation

Nike Air zoom GP glove

I love Nike air zoom GP glove as it wraps around my foot.

They got a monkey paw structure on the right which looks amazing. It is important for wide feet to not roll their ankles because wide footers are very heavier and vey solid.

It is very stable shoe, even i can move around my foot inside the shoe but cannot move my foot backfoot. Over all it is a great shoe with an excellent performance

pros: amazing lockdown & support, extremely secure.

cons: zoom units are small, lateral traction could be better

Under Armour clutchfit drive

This under Armour reminds me Kobe 3 as material is flexible and 100% synthetic and Authentic. It wraps around your feet and really goes high up around your ankle and you are able to tie it very tie.

Clutch fit drive has a great cushioning, great traction, Great support, good grip and very durable shoe. It is Worth more than what you will pay for it But you must buy a half size up because it is a very narrow shoe as it fits like a skin and If you want to go up in size you will need to make sure that its not too long for your feet.

pros: fits like a skin

cons: no ventilation

Nike zoom Air penny 2

Nike zoom air penny 2 left an enduring impression with a bold, striking and unmistakable design.

This is a too big shoe which has a lot of cushioning along the sides and the most recommended shoe for a player with a wide foot.

Narrow footers may workout bc it has some pillories space and got an airbag in heals. It has a gigantic zoom unit in the front that really helps the performers in foot striking.

pros: cushioning & fluidity of foot strike is a top notch.

cons: lacking traction & ventilation

Nike Lebron zoom soldier 6

Soldier line for lebron are built for more narrow base and were specifically designed for court and overall but made for streets.

These shoes have a big midfoot strap. It comes with a low ankle strap and its Lockdown and ankle support is amazing and this one does not come loose.

They have installed the Carbon fiber wraparound at the heel to protect the player from slippage and unnecessary movement of the foot on the footbed.

pros: heel strap, lockdown.

cons: tongue moves & is uncomfortable

Nike Kobe 1 protro

As a Kobe Bryant’s signature shoe Kobe 1 Protro takes the first Kobe 1 to the next level with a lighter development and added a full length Zoom Air padding.

Kobe 1 protro is specifically designed for very heavy guys. This has a fore length zoom especially with a uppers leather which expands a bit more vs other material.

Why this shoe works better for wide basketball footers than narrow ones? and the answer is because the tall box is really wide and one is not able to tight up the ankle area because it’s design has been build for wide ankles.

pros: full length zoom, upper has great support

cons: really need to break in the shoe bx different color fit differently

Nike Kobe AD low

Nike Kobe AD low is an excellent shoe for a bigger and heavy wide footer guy.
The Nike Kobe A.D. was exactly designed with low-profile responsiveness, extra-ordinary comfort, adaptable movement. They are created with a lightweight upper, include Fly wire innovation, Zoom Air heel unit, slip-on development, and a multi-directional example on the outsole.

This is a very simple shoe, very low to the ground and light in weight. Its Multi layer mesh provides a great lightweight support.
Kobe AD low has one of the best traction that provides an excellent stickiness and grip on the court. Over all its a good shoe but there is an insufficient cushioning

pros: sticky traction, low profile.

cons: cushioning is not super responsive, not great for jumping

Adidas Dame 5

Damian Lillard’s signature shoe The Dame 5 is an amazing shoe with a bounce cushioning, which is very durable and comfortable, fashionable and good looking.

Though it is an underrated shoe but It works extremely well especially at a very affordable price .

Traction is really good on hardwood court and your feet feel protected but it is a bit slippery on dusty surface.

pros: lightweight, no real flaws in any area.

cons: traction compound could have been stickier

Nike PG 2.5

The NBA superstar Paul George signature sneaker PG 2.5 is one of the best basketball shoes especially for narrow footers.

I would say that narrow foot is like the PG series. Narrow footers need to look out for shoes that have a mid foot strap like PG 2.5 that enhances lockdown fit. It has been built with Full upper outsole that provides multidirectional traction and durability.

This shoe is a very lightweight, fit really great and looks very beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

pros: great zoom unit in the forefoot

cons: Zion got injured in them

Nike Lebron 15 low

Lebron 15 has the BattleKnit material, curved cup outsole and powerful cushioning designed to meet the demands of heavy explosive players that provides the flexible support and locked in feel.

The stretchable mid uppers provides an excellent support around your ankle.
The combination of both Nike Zoom Air and Max Air enables powerful players to move very quickly
Lebron 15 has a wide base and very light in weight.

pros: amazing heel to toe transition, outrigger provide stability.

cons: Rides really high so not great for lateral movement.

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