In cities, generally, there are not many outdoor basketball courts present. For professionals to practice, there are special outdoor and indoor courts. But for students, educational institutes normally build indoor basketball courts and special indoor basketballs are required to practice effectively. The beginners can’t control a hard outdoor professional basketball also for the little children who want to practice basketball in their homes, they shouldn’t be provided with professional hard basketballs because of their comfort and safety. Fortunately, several companies are specially manufacturing indoor basketballs to mock the professional basketballs but considering the safety and perfection to practice indoors.

Best Indoor Basketball

Special characteristics of indoor basketballs

Many factors classify indoor basketballs and differentiate them from outdoor basketballs. Some of them are discussed below.


Indoor basketballs are made to perform well on indoor courts and provide an excellent playing experience. Indoor balls are the only form of a ball seen on indoor courts during practice or games between the high school, professional, and university teams. This is because they perform significantly better on indoor courts than on outdoor courts. Because of the 35,000 stones that cover the entire ball surface (equal to 122 pebbles per square inch), high-quality indoor balls do not quickly lose grip. Indoor balls with this type of pebble structure have outstanding stickiness and grip. Better stickiness and grip are key factors to provide an exceptional game experience while playing indoors. But the outdoor basketballs are designed with lesser stones or pebbles also they are quite rough and so they are very good to play on the outdoor courts but not suitable to play in homes or indoor courts.


One of the most notable differences between outdoor and indoor basketballs is the building material. Outdoor basketballs are typically constructed of composite or rubber leather, whereas indoor basketballs are made of full-grain leather. Indoor basketballs are usually smoother and softer to the touch than outdoor basketballs.

The indoor ball has a soft texture due to its full-grain leather construction, which can be felt by touching. The softer feel and excellent grip are due to this high-quality composite material. Plastic and leather fragments are mixed in composite leather. It is highly durable, less expensive, and has a similar feel to regular leather. Composite leather is a material that is also used to manufacture basketballs such basketballs are called hybrid basketballs. Indoor and outdoor gaming is also possible with these hybrid balls. These hybrid balls are tough and resilient enough to withstand the rigors and weather of outdoor games while still delivering outstanding results on indoor courts.

 Outdoor basketball 

Outdoor basketballs, on the other hand, are intended and made to be more robust, with less grip and feel. The rubber material is used to manufacture these basketballs which makes them very hard. Most of the time, finding professional players who play with an outdoor ball is challenging. Because indoor balls are composed of less durable materials than outdoor balls, they cannot be used on an outdoor basketball court. The outer layer will be damaged or softened if indoor basketball is played on asphalt or concrete surfaces. That’s not all, though. Outdoor basketball court elements such as dust and rain are too harsh for indoor balls, causing them to deteriorate more quickly, resulting in peeling and diminished performance.

Professional players use basketballs made up of genuine leather which are very expensive but they are ideal for comfort during a game. These leather balls require a little break-in period and they become very easy and comfortable to control.

 Air retention ability  

The NBA recommends that a basketball’s air pressure be between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch. If the pressure varies a little it is not a big deal, but it is very frustrating to play with a ball that is continually losing air. Fortunately, with good indoor balls, this is rarely an issue. When the temperature lowers in the winter, you may need to inflate the ball a little more, but decent basketballs should make ball pumps nearly unnecessary. But in the case of outdoor basketballs, air retention ability is a little bit lower as compared to that of indoor basketballs.


The grasp on the ball can be lost due to moisture and while playing with sweaty hands. Some leather basketballs (either composite or genuine) include a moisture-wicking surface that absorbs sweat while playing, giving more control. When trying to palm the ball or shoot free throws, the width of the channels and the depth of the grooves can also make a difference. These grooves can help line up one “swish” after another by giving the fingertips more traction.


In a basketball game, the bounce of the ball is crucial, therefore a ball that bounces consistently and reliably is a key factor to play the game efficiently. The smoother the surface of the ball, the better the bounce. While deeper grooves are beneficial for shooting, they can be a hindrance while dribbling since they cause the bounce to be unpredictable. So there must be a balance in the built-in grooves of the ball. Indoor leather basketballs are superior to any other kind of basketball because of their smooth surface and effective bouncing. Indoor composite leather balls also provide quite good bouncing but outdoor rubber balls are rough so their bouncing capability is also less.


Using an outdoor ball on an indoor court is generally not a good idea. It will be difficult to hold, grasp, and shoot the outdoor ball because they seem a touch firm and bouncy, especially on wooden surfaces like indoor courts. This will undoubtedly harm the overall gaming experience. Anyways a slightly deflated outdoor ball can be used on high-performance indoor courts.

Indoor basketballs, on the other hand, are less flexible and would not perform well on outdoor courts. That these balls aren’t particularly durable and have a delicate leather surface that peels off when played on harsh outdoor courts. Indoor basketballs are only good to be used on indoor basketball courts.


The two varieties of basketballs are extremely different in terms of durability. Even if the overall performance in terms of ball control and shot quality is sub-par, an outdoor ball can be used on an indoor basketball court. It can resist any indoor surface without difficulty. Meanwhile, when played on outdoor courts with hard and uneven surfaces, the leather of indoor balls peels or cracks. Even on indoor courts,

an indoor basketball should last you a few years. In terms of durability outdoor basketball has an upper hand and is far superior to indoor basketballs.


Outdoor basketballs are made up of rubber normally so they are cheaper but the built-in material of indoor basketballs is composite or genuine leather and both are very expensive ones. So, indoor basketballs are costly as compared to outdoor basketballs. But still, some composite leather basketballs don’t break the bank and serve the purpose effectively.

Best Indoor Basketball Comparison Table 2022

Wilson NCAA Replica Wilson NCAA Replica
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Molten X Series Molten X Series
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Spalding TF-1000 Spalding TF-1000
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Baden Elite Indoor Baden Elite Indoor
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Wilson Evolution Wilson Evolution
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Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball
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The top 6 six indoor basketballs

Some good quality indoor basketballs are discussed under,

1. Wilson NCAA Replica

The NCAA Game Replica Basketball is quite cheap as compared to other indoor/outdoor composite leather balls. Despite this, it does not seem cheap, and it has the same gripping feel as some of the more costly balls. From some big stores, its price is about 27-29 dollars but it can be purchased from Amazon for 20 dollars. The Replica NCAA Game Basketball is one of the more durable balls on the market, it’s also inexpensive to replace.

Wilcon composed of composite leather

The Wilson Replica basketball is composed of composite leather. This high-quality basketball is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Composite leather offers some advantages, it is moisture absorbent and will ensure a wonderful game. It features unique composite laid-in channels and innovative cushion core technology for maximum grip. Composite leather is also incredibly versatile, and unlike leather, it does not require any break-in time after purchase. It has a good amount of grip and is incredibly soft, especially after a few games.

The NCAA Replica Game Ball has a nice amount of bounce, so it doesn’t feel flat when a player bounces it. However, the bounce does not appear to be consistent, which means that while attempting abilities like crossovers, the ball may not land where it was aimed. That’s reasonable as a budget basketball, the NCAA Replica Game Ball may not be enough for professionals who prefer a regular bounce.

The pebbling of the ball over the panels isn’t extremely deep, but it does provide a reasonable degree of grip. The pebbled channels aren’t smooth and the fingertips of the player will not slip off the channels even when they are sweaty. The channels appear to be shallow, with little discernible width or depth but the difference isn’t significant between deep or shallow channels.

This basketball was created with durability and ball control. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. This basketball is an excellent choice to occasionally play outside and normally indoor. Overall, the Wilson NCAA Replica basketball offers excellent value for money and is ideal for casual players who don’t want to spend a fortune on a pricey indoor-only ball.

2. Molten X Series

Molten basketballs are a one-of-a-kind item. The 12-panel Giugario design comes first. This design isn’t just for show. First and foremost, it implies that more routes are flowing across the ball, which many players prefer. Second, the stark contrast between the white ‘X’ and the standard orange paneling makes it easier for players to see the ball’s backspin. This is a good touch for training purposes.


One of the unique features of Molten basketballs is that the pebbling isn’t completely random, as it is with traditional basketballs. Instead, they’re exactly aligned, which means the touch won’t be affected by the slight differences in pebbling that come with regular basketballs. The pebble surface aids in outstanding control and incredible grip while dribbling and shooting the ball. The GIUGIARO design makes it more visible and allows the player to keep track of its rotation. They also have one-of-a-kind extra channels on them for added grip that aren’t found on any other ball. The outer cover is also useful for grip because it does not absorb water.

Bounce with Molten X series

With the steady bounce rate, Molten X series basketballs elevate the game’s enjoyment to new heights. Because of the exceptional bounce, players utilize this ball for recreational purposes on a hard concrete court, but the bounce and grip of the ball remain unaffected. This ball bounces and behaves like an indoor ball everywhere it goes. The Butyl Bladder mechanism of the X-Series ensures that every bounce is precise and consistent.

The balls of this series deliver an incredible amount of excitement to its users while dribbling and shooting. When the ball returns to the shooting player, the bounce of the ball on their hand provides a unique experience. Consistent bounce also lends the layer an intriguing level of a natural feel.

The molten x-series basketballs outlast all others in terms of durability. Because of their unique qualities, the molten x-series basketballs are more durable than any other indoor basketball.

3. Spalding TF-1000

The prototype TF-1000 basketball was one of the best designed and manufactured. Spalding has created several new versions of this ball in recent years, seeking to leverage its earlier success. The modern Spalding TF-1000 version has retained some properties of the original one.

The ZK microfibre composite used on this item is proposed to provide a soft touch and boost grip. However, the ball had an odd feeling about it right out of the box. It isn’t quite as good as the original was, but it is simple to adjust to after some time.

Comfort and Control

It fits comfortably in the hand once the player has gotten used to it, and the wide channels provide enough control for continual release rotation. The damp hand further highlighted the concessions made in terms of grip/durability, but the results are still acceptable for semi-professional use.

There are no glitches in the bounce of this ball because this is an official size and weight basketball. The bounce has a distinct sound, and the ball appears to be pretty firm. The bounce consistency is unaffected by this.

The best feature of this ball is its durability, it runs very long as compared to the classic version on indoor courts and it can also be used on outdoor courts occasionally.

4. Baden Elite Indoor

The Baden Elite Indoor basketball has a very sticky, tacky feel about it. If a player prefers soft, easy-to-palm balls, the Baden Elite is one of the best options available.

Of course, the perfect degree of grip is a matter of personal taste. Many people will find the Baden Elite to be a little too soft for shooting and passing and will prefer slightly smoother balls.

The Baden Elite does not hold up well on outdoor surfaces because it has one of these ultra-soft microfiber covers.

Baden does not have pebbled channels. The Baden, on the other hand, has its distinct selling point in the form of its stealth valve. If the point of contact with the ground is the valve, which is used to feed air into the ball when pumping it up. The Elite neatly conceals the valve inside the cover, reducing the irregularities that a normal valve can cause. It’s a minor distinction, but it’s worth noting anyway. The Baden Elite’s channels are slightly broader and shallower than the usual basketball channel.


When it comes to grip, this ball does shine. From the beginning, the Baden Elite has the appropriate quantity of tack, and it stays that way for a long time. For smooth ankle breaks and quick leaps, it gives great ball control.

When pumped to roughly 8 psi, the Baden, as an NFHS approved basketball, provides a consistent bounce. That implies it bounces expectedly whenever a player bounces it.

So long as it’s on a smooth hardwood surface, the Baden can withstand the battering. After a year of regular use, the Baden showed the same level of deterioration as some other similarly priced composite leather indoor balls. The ball also retained air well, which is an issue that can make or break a basketball.

5. Wilson Evolution

The Evolution basketball is known for its unique soft and sticky feel. The ball’s softness is maximized due to exceptional pebbling and cushion core technology.

On the rough surface, the outer soft layer will tear to smithereens. Because of its Premium Evo Microfiber composite cover, the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball has an excellent grip.

The 100% composite cover and built-in channels provide excellent grip and are completely satisfying. Its wicking upper layer also absorbs moisture from the hands.

The grooves on this ball are broader than those on other branded basketballs, allowing for superior grip and control across the entire ball. It’s no surprise that Evolution is regarded as the best leading ball in terms of performance.

The low-density sponge rubber on the ball provides a steady bounce and predictability throughout the game. Furthermore, if the air pressure is between 7 and 9 PSI, it can maintain the appropriate bounce.

The ball’s microfiber substance ensures long-term durability that will endure many seasons. Wilson Evolution provides the ideal blend of performance and durability for gamers. It is unquestionably more durable than other leather outdoor basketballs.

Without a doubt, the Wilson Evolution Game Basketball is an excellent choice for indoor basketball drill training.

6. Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball

By far the most costly basketball on this list is the Spalding NBA Official Game. It’s made of Horween leather that’s been banned in the United States. For new players who have never played with a true leather ball before, it may take some time to get used to it, particularly during the break-in phase. However, as

time passes, the surface will begin to feel better and better, and the game will only become better. This ball, like quality wine, improves with age.

Genuine leather balls have the advantage of being significantly less bothersome when playing with damp hands (compared to composite balls). Even during strenuous activities in heated gyms, they effortlessly absorb perspiration and keep a perfect grip. Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball is one of those basketballs which provide great grip. It’s a touch slick out of the box, but it’s easy to palm and almost as soft as an indoor-only basketball after a few hours on the court.

The bounce of the Spalding Replica NBA Game Ball is excellent and consistent. When inflated up to roughly 7.5psi, the amount of bounce felt exactly right. The bounce is also fairly consistent because of its typical pebbling and 8-panel design.

Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball has the sensation of an indoor ball rather than an outside ball. This ball starts deteriorating slightly faster. Furthermore, the basketball’s butyl bladder appeared to be of questionable quality.


The above-mentioned basketballs are very versatile and each player can pick one according to its taste and playing style. But it should be considered that there is not a single basketball that exists in the market that serves all purposes of the game without lacking in any area. So, a player must wisely choose a basketball by considering his playing style, playing courts, frequency of practices, and most importantly pocket.