Buns and Basketball Reviews And Guideline Of 2022

We have given enough details about women’s basketball leagues which are gone viral and trending over the world such as buns and basketball, lingerie basketball, and Bikini basketball.

Buns and Basketball Introduction:

Buns and Basketball is one of the trending women’s basketball leagues. In Buns and Basketball 2021, We have all heard of, watched, and even played multiple sports during our lives. Some may actively engage in them as a hobby while others take them up as a career to play on the state level until eventually making it to the international teams.

The interesting twist, however, is that every sport has multiple versions as some are played on the ground, water, and then on ice too. The same goes for basketball. Here is everything you need to know about Buns and Basketball and similar hoop games.

Buns and Basketball Introduction:

Buns And Basketball; Details that you didn’t know:

Buns and basketball starts with multiple teams, usually specified with the colors of their lingerie and clothing items that they put on.

As they try to score points against the opponent team, the opponent has to defend their goal in order to win. This is simply another basketball game, with the exception of the usual uniform. In Buns And Basketball, all the women players are supposed to wear thongs as their team uniform.

Buns And Basketball; Details that you didn’t know:

Latest Tour of Buns And Basketball 2022:

This is a year-round tour that started with the first game on 27th March in Charlotte; followed by multiple games in Atlanta, Columbia, and Miami. The games that are yet to be played are scheduled on 9th October in Atlanta, 20th November in Washington, DC. And the last one for the year is scheduled to be held on 18th of December in Atlanta.

Latest Tour of Buns And Basketball 2022:

Buns and Basketball Tickets

There was the mass booking of tickets across the United States, by enthusiasts of Basketball; who came to watch motivated athletes play this unique game with a twist of revealing uniforms to spice it up.

As the Buns and Basketball League; gained audience and support, they are still going across states to play for more people. However, it is still unsure if they will resume playing or end the League link the Bikini Basketball Association and Lingerie Basketball League; which remained unsuccessful despite starting off as a hit.


According to multiple magazines and papers, these Leagues have been worthy of criticism more than appreciation. As this may come off as exciting and thrilling to a group of people; the activists for women’s rights found these games extremely discomforting and upsetting.

People were bothered by the gender inequality that finds its way into the conversations about such leagues. It is because of the controversial team uniforms. The people who enjoyed watching it had no complaints regarding the thongs and lingerie worn by players, but critics had a lot to say.

Sports Sexualizing woman:

“Women in sports are overly sexualized.” A comment by a website gave a detailed review of the sport; pointing at the fact; that male players do not reveal as much skin and female players do. “It’s not fair (for women to have to wear so little) but we all know sex sells,” Jessica Hopkins; a dedicated player for Lingerie Football League for the team Seattle Storm told in an interview; “I’d much prefer to have my skin covered when playing tackle football on hard astroturf, but the lingerie/sexy aspect of our game is what gets people interested and once they come to see us play.”

This shows how much the sport means and how the sexualization of women athletes is being normalized in sports; be it state-level sports or the Olympics where female teams always struggle with wearing skirts so their audience remains interested.

Apart from the uniform, the names of the teams were highly suggestive and included sexual innuendos that seemed inappropriate to a group of people, as sports should not be associated with how attractive the stars are but should be solely based on the skill of the athletes, their willingness to play for the team and the passion that brings them to the court.

From Basketball leagues to football, badminton, and beach volleyball, women are seen to have been wearing revealing clothes and showing off their tanned skin while men simply play in a loose-fitted shirt with thigh covering shorts.

It is a valid criticism, just like the excitement about it.

Public Reaction:

People across the US were seen to be pretty excited about the games, for multiple reasons. They had tweeted out their excitement and put live games on Instagram stories to share their thrill with the world.

All in all, there are mixed opinions about Buns and Basketball but if definitely is a new idea to change the typical, boring way of sports.

Lingerie Basketball:

After the success of the Legends Football League, originally called the lingerie football league, it was decided to bring a similar version of basketball to the market.

In this game, the players are divided into teams, sent to stadiums and arenas. Just like legends football league, the players of lingerie basketball do not wear usual, traditional uniforms.

Instead, to spice things up a bit, they wear body-revealing clothes during their game.

 Lingerie Baksetball League 

The Lingerie Basketball League or LBL was inaugurated in 2011, with 4 teams based in Los Angeles which ended with L.A Beauties as the champions.

The second season was held in 2012, but the scheduled championship game between L.A Divas and L.A glam was never held, thus the season reached an end without any announced winner.

 Team Info 

The four teams are known as L.A Glam, L.A Beauties, L.A Divas and L.A Starlets. While the four teams played against each other, their coaches did a good job training them for the two seasons.

After 2013, Lingerie Basketball League never held another season and is currently inactive.

Others; Bikini Basketball Association:

The bikini basketball association started out in 2013, almost a year after the creation of its concept.

It was held successfully for the first two seasons but they failed to arrange season three in 2015. With the four teams known as  Illinois Heart, Houston Inferno, Atlanta Storm, Miami Spice (folded) the first two seasons gained a lot of traffic and attention from the viewers.

However, unlike the publicity images on their posters along with what the name suggests, this League’s official uniform was sports bras and shorts, “Nothing you won’t see on a beach” according to the creator of the league.